Vacuum systems- UniVac


  • Plug-and-play vacuum units which are mechanically ready to connect – developed for sterilisers
  • Also for other applications such as degasification, drying and distilling
  • Extremely compact, completely pre-assembled and easy to maintain
  • Highly effective two-stage separator tank


  • Vacuum units comprising liquid ring vacuum pumps, separator tank, condenser and optional heat exchanger
  • Integration of additional components such as gas ejectors, valve technology or exhaust gas condenser upon request
  • UniVac-…-1 with robust, single-stage vacuum pumps from model series V
  • UniVac-…-2 with quiet, two-stage vacuum pumps from model series VZ
  • Material design in grey cast iron (UniVac-10-1 in copper alloy)


Vacuum units, single-stage
Integrated separator and condenser


50 Hz: max. 33 bar abs. / 10 m³/h

60 Hz: max. 33 bar abs. / 11 m³/h



Vacuum units, two-stage
Integrated separator and condenser, heat exchanger optional


50 Hz: max. 33 bar abs. / 94 m³/h

60 Hz: max. 33 bar abs. / 110 m³/h