Plastics industry

Modern and innovative companies in the plastics industry see themselves confronted by the following challenges

  • Energy saving and efficiency
  • High reliability and process security
  • High, reproducible quality of end products
  • Exchangeability or retrofitting in existing systems with restricted clearances
  • Noise minimisation

We support your company with innovative, industry-specific and energy-saving products, both for retrofitting existing systems and for equipping new systems.

Vacuum pumps and vacuum systems

Application ranges

  • Gases, contaminated gases and gas/water mixtures
  • Suction pressures up to 33 mbar abs. (5 mbar abs. with gas ejector)
  • Suction capacity up to 1600 m³/h

Application examples

  • Wet and dry calibration of plastic profiles, particularly window frames, technical profiles and pipes
  • Extruder degasification and plastic recycling
  • Other vacuum processes in the plastics industry, e.g. manufacturing polystyrene parts

Product solutions

  • Scalable BluSystems system solution for calibration tables
    Operating with changing and varyingly high pressure levels
    Simultaneous delivery of gases and liquid in different proportions
    Reproducible and high quality of the end products thanks to automatic control and saving of parameters
    Already present vacuum pumps can be easily replaced by BluSystems
  • Wide spectrum comprising many different designs, single- and two-stage pumps with close-coupled design or with a base plate
  • Suction of media containing solid matter using pumps from model series VG which are free of dead space

Liquid pumps

Application examples

  • Tempering of tool moulds → Tempering technology
  • Discharging condensate in polystyrene manufacturing




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Suitable products for this application


Liquid ring vacuum pumps

50 Hz

pmin: 33 – 150 mbar abs.

Qmax: 2.2 – 1600 m³/h


60 Hz

pmin: 33 – 150 mbar abs.

Qmax: 2.4 – 1900 m³/h



pmin: 200 – 730 mbar abs.

pmin: 270 – 800 mbar rel.

Qmax: 34 – 250 m³/h