Displacement pumps

Speck exclusively offers constant pumps, i.e. pumps with the same volume for each revolution

  • Roller vane pumps (also known as fly pumps)
  • Oscillating piston pumps (also known as vibrating diaphragm pumps)
  • Gear pumps

Areas of application

  • Displacement pumps are (particularly) suitable for very high pressures and/or delivery pressures at very low flow rates
  • Suitable for clear or cloudy liquids with no abrasive contamination or solid content
  • Suitable for the delivery of gas shares and self-priming
  • No return flow of the medium when stopped


  • Roller vane pumps and gear pumps with close-coupled design, with magnetic coupling or with mechanical seal
  • Wide performance spectrum for roller vane pumps
  • Gear pumps with canned motor



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