Vacuum systems

Vacuum systems (also called vacuum units, vacuum equipment and compact systems) consist of additional integrated components alongside a vacuum pump.

Operational safety and optimum configuration thanks to ideally coordinated system components – for your application too


  • Prefabricated system solutions offer many advantages – both for the manufacturer of the units and plant operators
  • Just one single supplier for a system solution instead of many suppliers for various components
  • Compact vacuum units with low space requirements/with small dimensions
  • Reduction in assembly time for the customer thanks to plug-and-play vacuum units which are mechanically ready to connect
  • Also the possibility of retrofitting present devices and systems, depending on the design in question
  • Speck ensures the best possible integration of components such as separator tanks, condensers, valve technology, gas ejectors, exhaust gas condensers, sensors, frequency converters and regulation/control systems.
  • Speck undertakes all work steps on behalf of the customer – from the development to the manufacture and the final inspection – with cutting-edge and highly advanced test rigs.


  • BluSystems – vacuum units for wet and dry calibration of plastic profiles
    Huge energy savings thanks to frequency regulation and a smart system solution
  • UniVac – plug-and-play vacuum units
    Compact, ready to connect and easy to maintain: vacuum units with highly efficient separator tank, condenser and heat exchanger



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