Liquid ring vacuum pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are also known as water ring pumps, liquid ring pumps or liquid ring compressors.

For decades now, Speck has been developing and manufacturing liquid ring vacuum pumps and has made a name for itself with its innovative, industry-specific advances in this field.

Areas of application

  • They are used in many sectors in discontinuous and continuous operation in the three basic processes of extraction, leakage extraction and degasification, for example:
    extracting dry gases, saturated gases and vapours
    extracting contaminated gases
    delivering liquid shares at a constant vacuum
    delivering explosive gases, e.g. hydrogen
  • Oil-free compression, i.e. no oil in the medium nor in the exhaust air
  • Minimum suction pressures possible up to 33 mbar abs., with gas ejectors (also known simply as "ejectors") even possible up to 5 mbar abs.


  • Wide spectrum of varied single- and two-stage, close-coupled and base plate pump construction designs



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