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Speck in Australia and New Zealand

AUS: 1300 207 380
NZ: +61 8 6201 1286


Heat transfer pumps with mechanical seal


Thermal oil 0 – 350 °C
Water max. 160 °C, 180 °C on request



Material design

Spheroidal graphite cast iron

Suction connection

DN 50 – DN 150

Pressure connection

DN 32 – DN 125


Mechanical seal

Dimensions (WHD)



Heat transfer
  • Heating of baking ovens and large frying units
  • Tempering of tool moulds
  • Production of edible oil and dry masses
  • Heating of calanders, melting pots, agitators and mixing tanks in the leather, rubber and chemical industry and for the production of lacquers, colours and adhesives
  • Heating of tank, fuel oil and bitumen chambers on stationary and mobile platforms as well as in tank ships, in crude oil production und processing
  • Heating of colouring, coating, washing, pressing und ironing systems tn the textile industry
  • Heating of systems for bitumen production and processing, for drying applications and for the production of binders in the building industry
  • Heating of systems for the production of liquid crystals in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Heating of pipelines and treatment stations in the field of gas gathering
  • Heating of temperature controllers in the die cast industry


  • Interchangeability of many parts at all series
  • Same hydraulics for TOEGN, TOEGA, TOEMN & TOEMA series
  • Same hydraulics for TOEGI and TOEMI series
  • Synthetic heat transfer media with low viscosities are delivered without any problems up to 350 °C
  • Hydrodynamically lubricated sleeve bearing in SiC
  • Low-wear impeller side chamber